Lucky Patcher Alternatives: How to Download Similar Apps on Android

Lucky Patcher Alternatives: Lucky patcher is a boon for its users. Users are really thankful for the how lucky patcher is able to save money for them. Lucky Patcher saves the user’s money by not allowing to spend it on free app purchases for the application. Users get the premium feature of the application and other free in-app purchases of the application without paying anything. But there are many people for whom lucky patcher failed to work on their iOS smartphones. For them, there are lots of similar alternatives of lucky patcher application available over the internet. So in this article, I will discuss the best alternatives for lucky patcher iOS application.

Best Alternatives For Lucky Patcher:


let me remind you that these alternatives of lucky patcher will work similarly like the Lucky patcher application but will not be able to perform up to your expectations. Below are the best available alternatives for lucky patcher iOS application.

  • Creehack

If you are among the users who loves to play games on their smartphones then creehack is you must have application. This app has the easiest user interface and it allows you to do all in-app purchases required in the application without paying anything. The most noticeable point of this application is it doesn’t require any root access of the smartphones for free in-app purchases. Make sure that if you want to do any in-app purchases without any cost run the creehack app in the background.

The only likable shortcomings of creehack application are that only in-app purchases of iOS games are possible from creehack and no other apps in app purchases are possible. Except for these shortcomings, the creehack is considered as best alternatives for lucky patcher iOS application.

CreeHack Download

  • Freedom

There is another popular application which allows users to do free in-app purchases is known as freedom. There is a slight issue related with the freedom app that it is not available for all the apps. And for using the freedom app on your iOS smartphone, you have to jailbreak your iOS device.

This app creates a fake Google wallet from where users do fake money pay for various in-app purchases. But this application doesn’t work on all the applications of iOS. The free version of this application has limited usage. The user must have the knowledge about which app they are going to use the free features of freedom application.

Freedom Apk Download

  • IAP cracker

This app is particularly made for users who use iOS devices. As the security of apple devices are very tight therefore to use the application of IAP cracker on their device they have to jailbreak their iOS device.

Once jailbreak of your device is completed you can easily use the application of iAP cracker to buy in-app purchases which are paid for free. The user gets all the paid in-app purchases for free by passing the payment gateway created by the application. For iOS users, this application is the most simplified and it works for almost all the applications.

  • iAPfree iOS 9.3.3

For the iOS users, this is probably the best alternatives for Lucky patcher iOS application. It works almost for all the ios application for getting the in-app purchases of apps for free.

For using the IAP free iOS 9.3.3 app user must have to jailbreak their iOS devices. After jailbreak is completed users can easily install this application and gets the benefits of its premium version. It is available at various internet market and can be easily installed.

These are the few best alternatives of Lucky patcher for ios users. Lucky Patcher is best for using the in-app purchases of the application but sometimes and for some application or smartphone, it doesn’t work so for that user who wants to try different patching application these are the most generous alternatives.


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